April Catch-up from the Chair

April Catch-up from the Chair 

The first two days of April was time of the General Council for the Ramblers – their AGM in Southampton. I went this year, with husband John as the second delegate from Worcestershire Area. Although I felt a bit of an outsider having never been before, I found it an interesting insight into our organisation. Certainly, trustees were elected and issues were debated but it was also about networking and catching up with members from local Areas too. In the next couple of weeks I am due to go and talk with Herefordshire Area Ramblers and will also attend the next Warwickshire Area committee meeting.  

Vanessa, our new CEO, spoke well and there was an acknowledgement that the previous inward looking Head Office should be superseded with an outward-looking organisation that recognises fully the benefits that the members of areas and groups bring to its operation. Time will tell but I came away with a positive feeling about the future. 

Early in the month, there was much to-ing and fro-ing of a draft Worcestershire leaflet for comments from your committees. I think we have a good final leaflet – when printed, we will use this at Area recruitment events such as our Welcome to Walking weekend and The Pershore Plum festival. 

I have met with Douglas this month and we hope to develop a more detailed strategy of our approach to footpaths and associated issues. 

The Boots evening at Cotswold Outdoor went ahead, and although I only purchased a pair of tick tweezers, I said hello to quite a few members who turned up and tried on some boots. Maybe we can do it again – let me know if you would be interested.  

Last week, I circulated to your groups a fuller plan of the Worcestershire Welcome to Walking weekend at Hanbury Hall on 1st. and 2nd. of July.  

Those of you who have read it will understand that if the Area is to succeed in bringing in new walkers for all our Rambling groups, then members need to offer their support through volunteering for events such as these.  So far, with the numbers of volunteers who have been in touch, we could not offer one day of walks, let alone two! 

Before I invest any more time and money in this, I need to have more support. Please get in touch. 

For the Members Day (our Area AGM) in November, we have booked rooms at the Worcester Woods Country Park, where we hope to put on a range of activities such as a walk, training sessions and a question and answer session, alongside the AGM.  Keep the date in mind – it will be open to as many as we can fit in!   Saturday 25 November.  

Next month, I will be looking at our relationship with affiliated groups in our Area and meeting up with the contacts from other Areas.  I am also visiting a potential walker who is blind to see what they would want from a walking group and whether we are able to supply it. 

Don’t forget, I also look forward to hearing from you! 

Your rambling chair, Clare 

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